I’m all over the place.

The advent of Spring seems to have brought on an attack of manic ocd, of which I have been taking full advantage. My computer room, kitchen and bedroom have all been organised to within an inch of their lives. And my workshop now actually exists.

This was just a taste of things to come.

Too bad I ran out of screws, I could have put more crap on my wall.

The real work was yet to begin.


I’m all over the place. — 10 Comments

  1. when I have a bout of OCD I just check things over and over and over. Will you come OCD in my kitchen?
    (and that was one mile long word verification….)

    • You’ll only need to do that once (or maybe more if you keep changing IDs), this is actually a different blog, well same blog different country. Plus I made it easy, it actually says ‘enter or copy and paste’ the WV, don’t get no easier than that.

  2. Thank you for the copy and paste feature. My typing skills are almost non-existent. However, I do excel at copying and pasting like all plagiarists. You do have a very neat kitchen and a lot of knives.

  3. I REALLY need you to come visit…fixin’ to move soon and way too lazy to sort through 26 years of stuff. Wishing I had the money to buy new and thinking that I might just do without!