Oh, by the way….

First of all, my heartfelt thanks for all your condolences. And since we’re still in wringing of hands and wailing lament mode,  I should probably mention that Beau (my most favourite cat of all time), went out exploring over a month ago and hasn’t returned. Obviously with all the snakes that are about, it’s unlikely that he ever will.


Oh, by the way…. — 8 Comments

  1. Aren’t you the bearer of glad tidings this holiday season! Sorry to hear about Beau too, but I’ll continue to hope that he does return.

  2. Peter,
    Fuck, sorry I had to say it. I am so very very sorry for Buddy and now Beau, but I will hope for Beau’s return.
    I lost 3 of my furbabies this year, so I know how awful it is.

  3. I’ll bet the snake, if there was one, didn’t get of scot free after an encounter with Beau,
    Merry Christmas WT.

  4. Oh dear, you have lost a cat too. Sheesh, I hope that 2012 brings only good things for you, Peter

  5. 🙁 Blessings, peace and rest to Beau, and to you and your little family as well as you all grieve and learn to cope with these losses.

  6. Not Beau too!!!

    I hate when cats disappear. Around here it is usually coyotes. Cars on occasion and maybe a hawk. I can guarantee no snakes.