Thanks Guys.

Thanks one and all for your kind thoughts, they all mean a lot to me. On the plus side, there’s more room on the bed…

Goodbye dear friends.

Well, shit!

I said somewhere recently (I think FB), that with my favourite cat gone and my favourite dog dead, I was a little anxious about what the third thing might be (you know, bad things come in threes). Well, Bentley died today. Heart failure.

Commitment fulfilled.

A buddy of mine and I committed that tonight we would each to write a post. So I did.

Oh, by the way….

First of all, my heartfelt thanks for all your condolences. And since we’re still in wringing of hands and wailing lament mode,¬† I should probably mention that Beau (my most favourite cat of all time), went out exploring over a month ago and hasn’t returned. Obviously with all the snakes that are about, it’s unlikely that he ever will.

So long little Buddy

It’s a sad day. My best little mate died of organ failure early this morning. I’m really going to miss him.

She was such a pretty young thing.

Something’s not quite right.

These posts are supposed to be automatically published on FB but I’m getting an error regarding the photos. Let’s see if this one works.

This is how we get our meat around here.

Update: Nope, still no good.


Talk about a truism.

Belle is a dirty bitch!

I’m all over the place.

The advent of Spring seems to have brought on an attack of manic ocd, of which I have been taking full advantage. My computer room, kitchen and bedroom have all been organised to within an inch of their lives. And my workshop now actually exists.

This was just a taste of things to come.

Too bad I ran out of screws, I could have put more crap on my wall.

The real work was yet to begin.