Thanks Guys.

Thanks one and all for your kind thoughts, they all mean a lot to me. On the plus side, there’s more room on the bed…

Goodbye dear friends.


Thanks Guys. — 12 Comments

  1. this is wrenching.

    it’s horrible horrible awful to lose these dear friends, especially, man, one after another, peter! i don’t know how you can stand it. all i can say is that having them gone is terrible but it’s a bit of relief after watching them suffer. i am so sorry.

  2. All I know is our fur babies are probably reeking havoc at the Rainbow Bridge.
    Even though I never knew these puppies, just seeing those photos made my chest hurt.
    Hugs to you DubYaT.

  3. So sad. I’m tearing up here for you! Hard to lose such special friends.
    I hope they are having lots of fun together in heaven.

  4. Great pictures, but sad loss. There is an endless supply of cookies and scratches in doggy heaven.

  5. Just read the email from Brenda. I’m sorry for your loss Peter, I’ve never meet your cat, But you know how Sue & I felt about Buddy & Bentley. I will never forget the day they got bailed up by Roxie when they went to close to her toy basket.